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Mobile applications have been around for a while, enhancing the way users access content on compact devices and providing great convenience. The Mostbet app isn’t an exception here. If you’re in any of the nearly 100 countries where it operates, you’re probably aware of the great reputation that this brand has been able to build since its founding in 2009.

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From our thorough assessment of the site, we can confidently say that your Mostbet app download will provide the full gaming experience no matter the device you use. So, what you can access using the Mostbet apk and browser versions of the platform is the same. All the betting possibilities are as accessible on the app as they are on the latter. You can also use any of the payment methods that are available on the site using the Mostbet India app.

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Another thing that appealed to us is how smooth the user experience is on the application. We liked that the pages loaded instantly, allowing us to navigate and discover the features very quickly. The Mostbet online app is incredibly user-friendly, allowing players to access all the relevant features and pages right on the collapsible menu on the left side of the screen. This is pretty useful, especially if you haven’t decided yet whether or not you want to use Mostbet (trust us, you’ll love it!). By deciding on this simple way to organise the platform’s content, the developer made it easier for existing users to visit specific pages and check for updates.

Mostbet App Official Link
Mobile Device Compatibility Android, iOS
Available in India? Yes
Storage Required to Download Mostbet apk 22.91 MB
Ease of Download Very easy – two clicks only
Need VPN to Use? No

Whether you prefer casino or sports betting, the Mostbet app is sure to meet and even exceed a lot of expectations. If you’re interested in how we came to this conclusion, keep reading as we look at a wide range of topics to cover the full betting experience that the platform provides.

Download Mostbet App for Android

Even though Google has lifted the ban on casino and sports betting apps in the Play Store, this policy unfortunately doesn’t apply to India. So, at least for the foreseeable future, you’ll need to download the Mostbet apk instead of getting it directly from the official app store. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this. But if convenience is an important factor for you, you’re going to love the relative ease by which you can complete the Mostbet apk download on your Android device.

download mostbet app android

The best part? The process is designed to remove any chance of running into errors. To start the Mostbet apk download process, just go to the official site using your mobile device. Then, press the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your screen. Scroll down until you find an icon that says, “Download for Android”. Press that, and you will be taken to the site’s app page. Tap any of the two “Download for Android” buttons to begin downloading the Mostbet apk new version.

It’s really that easy! Just remember these few things before you initiate the process:

  1. You may need to grant permission for installations not sourced from the official Play Store;
  2. Make sure to only use the official website to avoid security issues;
  3. You can delete the Mostbet apk download when you’ve successfully installed the app on your Android device.

Installing Mostbet.apk on Android

Now that you have the necessary file in your downloads, it’s time to start the installation process for the Mostbet app. Considering the nature of the data that you entrust to Mostbet, we have to reiterate the importance of ensuring that you only download Mostbet app from the official and legitimate source.

installing mostbet app android

If you’re in doubt, feel free to contact customer support so you can ask for specific details about the Mostbet apk, such as the file name and the file size. Once you’ve confirmed the authenticity of what you downloaded, you can try these few ways to access the file:

  • If you haven’t cleared them out yet, check your notifications;
  • Look for the Mostbet apk in your file manager;
  • Check the Downloads in the browser you used to download the file.

Then, just tap, and you’ll get the message, “Do you want to install this app?” Tap install, and just wait for the process to finish. You should have the Mostbet app once this is done. If the installation fails, you may want to check if you have enough space on your device. You can also seek assistance from customer support if you can’t identify what’s causing the issue with your Mostbet apk installation.

Download Mostbet App for iOS

If you don’t like the hassle of having to download something before proceeding to the installation, we hope you’re using an iOS device! With this operating system, the Mostbet app is treated just like any other mobile application that you can download on your device.

We remind you that iOS users cannot download Mostbet apk from the official site. Therefore, the application can only be downloaded through the App Store.

download mostbet app ios

So, here’s how you initiate the Mostbet app download on your iOS device:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store. You should see the logo for this on the homepage of your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Use the Search Function. The official app name is “ – Sports Betting,” so make sure that you get that;
  3. Tap Install. Once you’re sure that you found the right one, click “Install” to download the Mostbet app onto your device.

If you’re in doubt, we suggest going to the mobile browser version of the site and finding the “Download on the App Store” button from the collapsible menu. You will be taken to the same page you’d be directed to for the Android download. Here, tap the “Download on the App Store” button instead. This will take you to the official Mostbet app. From there, you can go directly to Step 3.

Installing the Mostbet App on iOS

Because of the simplified process for iOS devices that does away with the need to download anything else, there’s practically no distinction between the download and installation process. To be able to start playing, you simply have to make sure that you have enough storage space left on your device. All that will be left for you to do is to make sure that you’re downloading the official Mostbet app.

installing mostbet app ios

How does this benefit you? The fewer steps there are in the process, such as not having to look for the Mostbet apk in the memory of your phone, the less likely you are to make an error. You’re less likely to make a mistake or cause an error if you don’t do anything that’s generally seen as a security issue.

Since you can already get the Mostbet app directly from the Apple App Store, your focus now should be on how to avoid vulnerabilities and exploits that hackers may take advantage of. This includes:

  • Getting the Mostbet app from the only trusted source;
  • Verifying the details of the app with what’s available on the official site;
  • Assessing the permissions that you grant the app developer;
  • Even if it’s confirmed legit, like the Mostbet app, look at the user reviews to check if there are underlying issues.

Mostbet App Casino

If you love casino games, expect the Mostbet mobile app to supply you with a lot of options – just as you would expect from its browser-based counterpart. There’s a specific Casino section in the app where you’ll find all the RNG games. However, if you prefer having live dealers interacting with you while you play, head over to the Live Casino section.

casino mostbet app

To make it easier for you to find titles that are interesting to you, the Mostbet app allows you to filter the games by category, by provider, and by genre. You can also use the search bar if you already have a game in mind. With these functionalities, the time you spend finding games will be shorter, so you can check out the vast selection of quality games.

Interested in trying out the casino options? Tap the three horizontal lines on the upper left side of your screen on the Mostbet app. Choose Casino or Live Casino, depending on your gaming preferences. If you’re like most online gamblers who prefer slot games, you’re in luck! Mostbet features hundreds of them in its game library, ensuring that you have a variety of choices in terms of themes, gameplay, and betting budget. Below are the current user favourites on the Mostbet mobile app:

NetEnt Slots

Founded in 1996, NetEnt has been around longer than most of the software providers out there. And to give you the best betting experience possible, you’ll see them heavily featured in the Mostbet app. They have grown with the industry and were able to adapt to the rapidly changing technologies and tastes of the gambling market. Today, NetEnt is considered one of the most successful developers in the market.

mostbet app slots

Whether you install the app straight from the Apple App Store or through Mostbet apk, you’ll be able to access the same in-demand titles, such as:

  • Willy’s Hot Chillies;
  • Secrets of Christmas;
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon;
  • The Wish Master Megaways;
  • Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand.

These are just five of more than 130 game titles that they have on the Mostbet app, most of which are online slots. You can also see how varied the game themes are. They take inspiration from various sources that different segments of the betting market will be able to relate to. That’s why they have titles on the Mostbet app with practically everything from ocean to Oriental to music as the underlying theme of the design.

BetSoft Slots

Want breathtaking graphics, interesting gameplay, and amazing slot features? Rest assured that BetSoft slots that come with your Mostbet app download will have all these. This software developer proclaims itself as one of the leading in the market in terms of slot content, among other aspects of online casino gaming. And like many players who love BetSoft, we couldn’t agree more.

mostbet app betsoft slots

Check out these titles on the Mostbet app, and you’ll see why BetSoft continues to grow even today:

  • The Golden Owl of Athena;
  • Captain’s Quest: Treasure Island;
  • Quest to the West;
  • Wolf Moon Rising;
  • Miles Bellhouse: Gears of Time.

Like many of the quality slots that you’ll find on the Mostbet mobile app, these are made to load quickly so you can enjoy them even on slower internet connections. So, even if you’re just using mobile data, you’ll still be able to keep playing. But more importantly, these have high RTP rates and are compatible with any Mostbet mobile version of the platform. Not interested in any of the titles mentioned here? No worries! There is so much more that you can find on the app, all of which meets the promise of high-quality gambling entertainment with massive potential wins.

Microgaming Slots

This is one of the providers that we’re so happy to see featured on the Mostbet app. After all, nothing can beat the original! And as far as online gambling is concerned, Microgaming was the first to make its mark. Founded in 1994, this software developer launched the world’s first online casino software. The technology has evolved so much since then, but Microgaming continues to innovate and set high industry standards. That’s why you’ll see their slots on many major platforms, including the Mostbet app.

mostbet app microgaming slots

Right now, there are only a few titles available from this provider:

  • Playboy Gold Jackpots;
  • Playboy Fortunes;
  • Playboy Gold;
  • Deadmau5;
  • T2 Online Slot.

Compared to the other two providers discussed, this one barely has a presence on the Mostbet app. And except for the T2 Online Slot, all of the titles are inspired by pop culture, so there’s not much variety. We believe that Microgaming can contribute so much more to the players, so we hope that the operator of the Mostbet app considers adding more in the future. But for now, you can still enjoy the titles available and grab the opportunity to win it big.

Mostbet App Betting

The betting experience doesn’t end with the casino sections of the Mostbet app. The platform also boasts extensive sports betting options that are unmatched by many reputable bookmakers out there. There are so many sports that you can check out, covering events in India and everywhere else in the world.

betting mostbet app

And to make it easy for you to go from finding events to placing a bet, Mostbet app has the following features:

  • Sport Categorisations on the Sports Page. This lets you see matches from a specific sport;
  • One-Click Bet. Just click the lightning icon at the upper right area of your screen across the Live and Pregame tabs. This lets you place bets automatically by tapping the odds you’re interested in. On the Mostbet app, you can set the amount anywhere from 100 to 10,000 INR;
  • Tap the star to the right of the search icon to see matches that you have saved as your favourites.

And in India, there’s no sport that’s more beloved than cricket. So, we were impressed that this was taken into account for the Mostbet app, with cricket having a separate category so you can see the available events for betting. As of writing, there are 1,837 events that you can check out. If you want to further explore the betting possibilities on the Mostbet app, you can check out some other popular sports on the platform.

Basketball Betting

Basketball has created sporting legends whose influence extends beyond the court. So even though it’s not the most popular sport in the country, it’s no surprise that it still gets a lot of attention… including in the realm of sports betting. The Mostbet app accommodates enthusiasts who are closely following various basketball events by extensively covering this sport. Click the Basketball category to see what bets you can make right now.

mostbet app basketball

There are many games where you can place a wager at any given time. So, if you’re only interested in a specific team or tournament, using the Country or Championship filter will help out a lot. Below, we listed some of the championships represented in the Mostbet app:

  • NBA;
  • Friendly;
  • Paulista League;
  • Serie A2. Super Cup;
  • Women’s Superleague.

The first two listed have the greatest number of events under them. However, we were pleased to see niche basketball betting markets such as El Salvador and the Philippines have also been represented in the list. Other countries currently with pregame basketball events on the Mostbet app include Rwanda, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and Paraguay.

Volleyball Betting

When we checked, there were only 25 pregame events under the volleyball category, most of which were local or national ones. This is definitely unfortunate, considering that this is a sport that everyone is aware of. Given how the Mostbet app is available in so many countries, the sportsbook may be failing to cater to a decent number of bettors.

mostbet app volleyball

As of writing, these are some of the championships that you can check out:

  • European Championship;
  • African Championship;
  • Copa Metropolitana;
  • Women’s 100 Years Cup.

On the Mostbet app, you can bet on the outright winner, the total score or number of sets, and even the correct score. Just tap on the event that you’re interested in to see the range of the betting market available to you. You’ll notice how, for some of the games, you have hundreds of betting possibilities. Meanwhile, for others, the number of wagers you can make is only around 20.

A lot of the championships for volleyball happen in a wide range of time, normally from fall to late spring. This period has just started, so we hope that the number of matches on the Mostbet app picks up as soon as the event details have been finalised.

Hockey Betting

Even if you’re not familiar with the sport itself, you’re probably aware of the hockey stick and puck. These two are the two most important elements in the game. As a word, hockey can be used to refer to any of the subcategories of the sport where those two elements are present. Whether or not this definition is followed on the Mostbet app, we can’t confirm at the moment. Right now, there’s only one subcategory of hockey available: Ice Hockey.

For this sport particularly, there are currently 106 matches. These are mostly events in the European continent, which isn’t surprising because these are areas that get a lot of snow. We can expect to see more of this sport as we get closer to the winter season.

mostbet app hockey

Like with other sports in the Mostbet app, where a tie is relatively likely to happen, the betting market here is huge. One of the matches that we viewed has a total of 220 betting markets, which you’d rarely see, even in cricket. Some of the odds you’ll see in hockey that you won’t always see in others include:

  • Double Chance. You’re betting that either a tie or one of the teams will win;
  • Prop Bets. These have nothing to do with the outcome of the game. An example is the “Interval of the first goal”, where you wager on whether any team will score a goal within a set number of minutes.

Check out the event that you’re interested in to see the full range of your betting choices.

Mostbet App Registration

Whether or not you used the Mostbet apk to install the app to your device, the registration process is still the same. Of course, the first thing that you have to do is open the app on your mobile device. Tap it from your home screen to see the landing page of the app. You’ll see the betting options right off the bat. But if you don’t have an account yet, tap the red “Register” button at the upper left area of your Mostbet app.

registration mostbet app

Then, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Select a Registration Method. You can choose from 1-click, Phone, Email, and Social Networks;
  2. Provide Your Details. The information that you’ll have to provide depends on your chosen method. This can be your email, phone number, currency, and/or country. Enter your Mostbet app promo code as well if you have one;
  3. Select a Registration Bonus. You have the choice between the Casino or Sports Betting welcome bonus. They provide the same amount, but the casino option also rewards you with 250 free spins;
  4. Tap “Start the Game”. Doing so will officially create your account using the credentials you provided.

If you later decide to use the website instead of the Mostbet app, you don’t have to create a new account. You can use your login credentials on any of their platforms.

FAQ Mostbet App

How can I download the Mostbet app for free?

You can get it directly from the Apple App Store or download the apk from the official website for Android, which you can use to install the app on your phone.

Why is it more convenient to place bets in the Mostbet app?

A mobile phone is less clunky, so it’s easier for you to take out your device and make bets wherever you are for as long as you have an internet connection.

How can I bet on sports in the Mostbet app?

Select odds for an event that you’re interested in. Set your bet amount, then tap “Place a Bet”.

How can I start playing casino in the Mostbet app?

Go to the Casino or Live Casino section of the app, then pick a game. You’ll be able to start playing if there’s a demo version or your account meets the minimum bet amount.

How often is the Mostbet app updated?

Developers update the app as needed based on identified potential security issues or the need to add, modify, or delete certain features.